PBI® XT is the number one selling PBI®/Kevlar outer shell. TenCate’s PBI® XT combines the proven performance of PBI® with the advanced engineering expertise of TenCate. The thermal resistance of PBI® and DuPont™ Kevlar® spun yarns are reinforced with a high-strength filament grid.

TenCate high-performance fabrics provide protection, comfort, durability and excellent value.

  • Advanced engineering:PBI® XT features a patented high tech grid of composite filament & spun yarns that provides strength, reduces abrasion and eliminates puckering.
  • Superior durability: Five times better abrasion resistance than competitive PBI® fabrics.
  • Excellent thermal protection: Strong and flexible before and after thermal exposure.
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Tough jobs call for tough fabrics that stand up to the challenge. TenCate fabrics can take it. Engineered for maximum protection and comfort that never quits, these fabrics are built to last.

TenCate scientists take every step to make sure that these FR fabrics are the strongest they can be. Through innovative fiber blends and specialized weaves and construction, TenCate delivers fabrics that have the strength to get the tough jobs done.

When it comes to FR fabrics, TenCate delivers the most bang for your buck. Fabrics that are inherently FR will last longer and look better than chemically-treated FR fabrics. That long life of the fabric means lower cost per wear. For the best value, demand TenCate fabrics.

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