TenCate KOMBAT FLEX Ushers in the Next Level of Ergonomic Outer Shell Fabrics. Firefighters can’t afford to choose between comfort and protection. Now, they don’t have to. Fire ground conditions can be more than dangerous and demanding, they can be wildly unpredictable. For firefighters, protection always comes first but sometimes they need to move fast and easily. Engineered to offer an effective blend of solid, flame-resistant protection and ease of movement, KOMBAT FLEX uses proven technology and innovative design to create an outer shell that stands out among the rest. KOMBAT FLEX weighs in at 6.9 osy (235 gsm) making a light yet tough alternative as an outer shell.

Less Weight…Less Stress

TenCate KOMBAT™ Flex provides the reassurance of names firefighters know and trust with a fresh approach to flexibility. PBI and Kevlar fiber provide excellent FR protection from well known, trusted brands. A firefighters’ job is hard enough, why make it harder by limiting mobility? KOMBAT FLEX gives firefighters the freedom and ease of movement to get in, get the job done and get out.

  • Trusted Protection: PBI and DuPont Kevlar fiber provide excellent FR protection from well known, trusted brands.
  • Outstanding Performance: Soft and flexible but still scores high in Tensile Strength and Trap Tear testing and has very good abrasion resistance.
  • Durability: Better abrasion than competitive fabric.
  • Maintains Appearance: KOMBAT FLEX retains its like-new and supple appearance after repeated launderings.
  • Soft and Flexible: Soft hand and ergonomic design mean ease of movement and more flexibility.
  • Available in Natural Gold and High-Resolution Black
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Flexibility, range of motion and ease of wear are important on the job. TenCate fabrics deliver the protection you need and the comfort you want. Enhanced comfort means less heat and less stress and that means a safer wearer.

TenCate scientists take every step to make sure that these FR fabrics are the strongest they can be. Through innovative fiber blends and specialized weaves and construction, TenCate delivers fabrics that have the strength to get the tough jobs done.

Tough jobs call for tough fabrics that stand up to the challenge. TenCate fabrics can take it. Engineered for maximum protection and comfort that never quits, these fabrics are built to last.

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