TenCate GEMINI™ XTL delivers the latest in protection. A lightweight fabric that features PBI fiber, TenCate GEMINI™ XTL gives you the freedom you need to move freely and work efficiently without compromising protection.

Using advanced engineering, scientists at TenCate designed GEMINI™ XTL to maximize the added strength of the PBI fiber.

The fabric is reinforced with a proprietary high-strength grid that provides great durability and eliminates puckering after laundering.

TenCate GEMINI™ XTL provides firefighters with a lightweight fabric at 205. The outer shell offers excellent thermal stability and remains strong and flexible even after exposure to heat and flame.

GEMINI™ XTL is a versatile fabric that is certified to AS/NZS 4967:2009. This fabric can be used in many applications for Emergency Service.

TenCate GEMINI™ XTL gives you the freedom you like, the comfort you want and the protection you need.

TenCate GEMINI™ XTL is available in South America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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TenCate scientists take every step to make sure that these FR fabrics are the strongest they can be. Through innovative fiber blends and specialized weaves and construction, TenCate delivers fabrics that have the strength to get the tough jobs done.

Lighter weight outer shells mean less heat stress on the job. Getting in, getting the job and getting out are what matters. TenCate outer shells deliver the same great strength and protection but with less weight to slow you down.

Tough jobs call for tough fabrics that stand up to the challenge. TenCate fabrics can take it. Engineered for maximum protection and comfort that never quits, these fabrics are built to last.

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Nominal Weight

6.0 osy (205 gsm)



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