TenCate provides time-tested fabrics that have been the industry standard for years. TenCate FIREBREAK 362 and FIREBREAK 469 are engineered for maximum thermal protection, comfort and easy visibility.

Made with DuPont Nomex, these fabrics offer the certainty of FR protection that firefighters can trust again and again.

Fighting fires is a tough job but when fires occur in the wilderness the challenges can multiply. Wildland firefighters face rugged terrain, hard labor and long hours. Facing down raging flames in the wild can mean serious hazards to life and limb and firefighters need to be confident in their protection.

When the situation gets critical, the last thing a firefighter needs to worry about is his protective outerwear. TenCate FIREBREAK 362 (shirts) and FIREBREAK 469 (pants) have become the recognized uniform of wildland firefighters.

FIREBREAK 469 received high marks in a recent wear trial for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ensuring its popularity and reputation for protection of wildland firefighters in the future. These are fabrics that deliver the goods when you need them.

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Lighter weight outer shells mean less heat stress on the job. Getting in, getting the job and getting out are what matters. TenCate outer shells deliver the same great strength and protection but with less weight to slow you down

Tough jobs call for tough fabrics that stand up to the challenge. TenCate fabrics can take it. Engineered for maximum protection and comfort that never quits, these fabrics are built to last.

TenCate scientists take every step to make sure that these FR fabrics are the strongest they can be. Through innovative fiber blends and specialized weaves and construction, TenCate delivers fabrics that have the strength to get the tough jobs done.

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Nominal Weight

5.8 osy (195 gsm)


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Data Sheet

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