Defender M

Superior Moisture Management, Exceptional Comfort and Trusted Protection

As an everyday performance fabric, Defender M is lightweight and breathable and uses TenCate COOLDERM Technology to wick moisture and perspiration away from the skin, minimizing discomfort in high-heat environments.

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Engineered to keep you cool and dry in extreme environments

In tropical regions the heat and humidity can be as formidable a foe as any enemy. It gets hard to do your job properly when discomfort gets in the way. That’s why TenCate Commando has been engineered to keep wearers cool and dry when it counts most.

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Aramid Camouflage

Proven protection that resists abrasion in the most rugged environments

TenCate Aramid Camouflage is used around the world and provides the proven and time-tested strength of aramid fiber construction with excellent air permeability for enhanced comfort and breathability.

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Basic Protection in a Comfortable Base Layer

Protection isn’t complete until it lives right next to your skin. TechT4 FR fabrics provide the first layer of defense and the first layer of comfort for t-shirts and other undergarments.

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