Kombat Flex

Next-Level Ergonomic Outer Shell Featuring PBI® in Every Yarn

Engineered to offer an effective blend of solid, flame-resistant protection and ease of movement, Kombat Flex uses proven technology and innovative design to create an outer shell that stands out among the rest.

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The Traditional Outer Shell Featuring PBI® and DuPont Kevlar

For more than a decade, PBI® XT earned its place as the premier PBI®/Kevlar outer shell. TenCate’s PBI® XT combines the proven performance of PBI® with the advanced engineering expertise of TenCate.

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PBI® Stretch

A new outer shell enhancement that will give firefighters better mobility and ease of movement on the job.

PBI® Stretch is amazingly elastic and provides outstanding flexibility at pinch-points in firefighter ensembles. Excellent for under the arms, elbows and behind the knees, PBI® Stretch is the ideal enhancement to make sure that firefighters can get the job done in any environment.

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The Inaugural Outer Shell Featuring ENFORCE Technology

The next innovation in firefighter outer shells arrives: TenCate Pioneer with ENFORCE Technology. Venturing forth as the first-ever outer shell using ENFORCE Technology, TenCate Pioneer delivers enhanced strength in a lighter weight outer shell along with elevated comfort with extraordinary flexibility.

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New wave of innovation featuring ENFORCE Technology

Firefighters carry a lot of weight on the job; their outer shell shouldn’t add to the load., TenCate scientists have engineered a 6.6-ounce fabric that that offers ease of movement and wear and the strength of a premium outer shell.

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